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One of the greatest joys Esther and I have is to be part of people celebrating those milestones in life that are most precious to us all. Whether it is two people starting a new chapter in their journey, a couple celebrating years together, a special birthday, family and friends just getting together to enjoy each other, or a corporate retreat, we feel blessed whenever we are a part of your memorable day.


When Esther and I bought Hidden Valley Downs we were not aware of the history associated with the ranch. Once we learned of the unique story behind HVD we immediately set out to revive the name, bring horses back, and share it with others. If you enjoy history and want an entertaining read visit the link to a Sports Illustrated article that was written in October of 1966.


The machine shop that now is the venue building is a wonderful eighty-year-old structure that has seen many different uses. From being a shop where heavy machinery was repaired to housing prize angus bulls and baby miniature donkeys is now an elegant yet rustic place for you to host your special event.


From the massive cottonwoods rustling in the breeze, multiple outdoor sites for your ceremony, and space to play and relax, we hope you choose Hidden Valley Downs as a place for your celebration or gathering. 

Let your story begin.

Family Venue Staff


Hidden Valley Downs was a half-mile horse racing track opened in 1966 located near Medora, Reno County, Kansas. The privately-owned bush track hosted informal American Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred events. Bush tracks are unregulated by state commissions and are noted for "anything goes" racing. Many famous horses raced at the track including Kentucky Derby winner Black Gold (horse). The track gained minor notoriety after Sports Illustrated magazine published an article about the track in the October 31, 1966 edition called Anything Goes in the Bush by Jack Olsen. The track closed in 1971 and the land remains privately owned.

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