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Three Horses



  • 65-acre ranch

  • On-site staff

  • 3 barns with large stables and pens

  • Tack room & outdoor wash station

  • Turn out service

  • Outdoor arena

  • 1/2 mile horse track


Manager: Karen Rial (620) 960-0641

Owner: Virgil Houdesheldt (620) 798-1461

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Barn Venue 2.JPG


There are no hours for the barn. However, be courteous if you are out late. Turn off all lights and close all doors.


  • Close all gates and doors after you open it.

  • Be courteous and share riding areas.

  • If something is broken or unsafe report it to management.

  • Clean up after yourself and your horse.

  • Inform management if your horse is leaving the barn.

  • Use the board in the feed/tack room if you need to leave a note.

  • Negative current coggins is required at all times.

  • All trailers need to be parked in designated areas. (We are not responsible for loss or damage)

  • Don’t ride in the pasture or turn out with loose horses.

  • Keep tack and tools picked up and put away.

  • Children need to be supervised by an adult.

  • No visitors in the horse areas unless they have signed a release form.

  • No smoking around the barn or in the pasture.

  • Practice safety when riding and handling horses. Any unsafe behaviors will be addressed. We want all experiences to be good ones without injuries.

  • Do not feed or handle any horses other than your own without permission.

  • Dogs must be well behaved. If not, we will inform you to keep them home.

  • Anyone that appears to be intoxicated will not be allowed to ride.

  • Abuse to any animal on the property will not be allowed.  

  • Management will feed all hay. Please do not feed any extra hay.

  • Drama does not belong at the barn. Please be nice at all times.


Rules can be amended at any time.

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